Email Marketing

Email Marketing, email campaigns, mail broadcasts are all names that are often used for a low cost solution to promote your product or pass trough some kind of information (e.g. newsletter). In either case we can offer a low cost solution with a high rate of return.

email marketingBut please be aware, email campaigns can be a very profitable way of marketing but it can also be completely useless. It can even come to loss of sales or very high fines when it’s not done correctly. It all depends on the way you acquire email addresses and how you send out your messages. For instance, if your emails are marked as spam, it can cause your email address, IP or domain to be registered in a spam blacklist. This may result that the next time you want to send an estimate to a prospect, your e-mail gets lost in the “junk mail folder” and remains unread. Also bare in mind that in nearly every developed country, unsolicited email is strictly prohibited by law and subject to high fines.

To guarantee that the ip-addresses our clients use are not blacklisted, Multi Marketing cannot let just anyone use our sophisticated email marketing engine. To make use of our services would like to know how you’ve build up your mailing list and the type of messages you tend to send out.

We can help you through the entire process. From the strategy / design up to analyzing the results.

During the campaigns you get full control, using your user name and password to keep track of the proceedings.